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Impact Center Facility Request
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Responsibility Statement

Responsibility: The person or persons representing the renter requesting use of the facility must sign the IMPACT CENTER FACILITY RENTAL AGREEMENT and return it to prior to any rental or use of the building.
Conditions: It is expected that all activities will be conducted in an orderly and safe manner. The interior of the building and the grounds will be left in the same condition as when the use began. (Absolutely NO sound or video equipment, stage furniture or existing decorations should be handled or moved).  All litter and trash will be picked up and properly disposed of. Any damage to the walls, floor, ceilings, etc. will be reported prior to leaving or as soon as reasonably possible. Any reimbursement due to the Impact Center for damages becomes the financial responsibility of the person signing the USE AGREEMENT. Any use of the Impact Center will have a curfew of midnight (unless otherwise stated for a specific rental).  Use the space for only the allotted time, as other groups may be using the space before or after.  Remember also, that unauthorized use of the building at a time other than what is spelled out in your agreement is considered trespassing.  Be aware that participants are expected to adhere to a code of conduct that includes no foul language, fighting, damaging of equipment, etc.  The Impact Center will assure that the space is clean and set up with the appropriate equipment and communicate with The Group any relevant information about the space, i.e. light switches, etc.


Turf Field                 $150/hr.                                   
Court                       $125/hr.                                   
Warehouse              $100/hr.                       
Archery Tag Party    $300/2 hrs.                       
Overnights, extended events call for rates      

*an additional $25/hr. will be charged for use of A/V equipment—subject to availability & approval. 
*an additional charge of $50 for set up/tear down of more than 6 tables/48 chairs.
*an additional $250 will be charged if the group alters any stage or sound equipment without permission.
*For stand-alone events, payment is due by 7 days before the event.  For recurring reservations, invoices will be emailed at the beginning of each month, for activities that month, with payment due by the end of that month.


I acknowledge and understand that this request is not a rental agreement.  I have read the Impact Center Rental Request Form and completed the requested information as honestly and completely as possible.  I agree to abide by this information and to contact the office or staff of the Impact Center as soon as any information on my request changes. I understand that I will receive an Impact Center Rental Agreement and will return a signed copy within five business days to reserve my event.

Signature Required

By typing your name here. You agree to the terms listed and those listed on the building and usage information sheet. 

Thanks for submitting!

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